LED Signage

LED Signage services

An LED signage is a great investment for a business. LED signage is eye catching because of their brightness and vibrancies and they're very cost effectiveness, making them one of the most desired display mediums for businesses. Besides being extremely bright and colorful, LED signs have a wider angle of spread light up to 180 degrees. The wide angle makes LED signs much more discernible making it easier to read. This is especially valuable for curb side visibility to passing traffic.

Benefits of LED Signage

  • Target your drive by audience without wasting 50% of your money on TV, radio and newspaper ads.
  • Replace static letterboards with active LED advertising displays and get immediate results.
  • Lowest cost to operate
  • Minimal maintenance

Eastern Neon has seen the capability of LED signage grow with the technology. By working with us, not only do you get solutions for visual communication needs, but also consultations for designing, installations, deliveries and production. We also services and maintains all LED signs and because of their durability there is relatively little maintenance involved. Unlike many other companies that only sell the LED signage; we have the experience and expertise to help you choose the right LED product and all of our traditional signage services to go along with it Feel free to look around at our website to see what kind of offers we have. It is our duty to make your LED signs attractive, durable and effective.