Neon Signage

Neon Signage Services

Neon signage is the earliest type of illuminated lighting, having been used in displays for over one century. Though LED and similar types of lighting are now also available, custom neon signs are still popular for their bright glow and their old-time feel.

Though a neon signage is an old concept, but it is still one of the most versatile signage styles today. It boasts some of the brightest, most luminous looking colors that are sure to catch the prospective customer's eye and a great way to attract attention to your organization. Not only are they bright and unique looking, but they also create a fun and exciting atmosphere with their alluring glow. This captivating element is what makes neon signage so effective as a business tool. The brilliance of neon signage work for you 24/7, attracting the attention of passerby.

Eastern Neon has been servicing neon signage requirements for over 20 years. We have undertaken a diverse range of signage projects, ranging from window signs to high rise corporate signs. We specialize in providing our customers with a wide range of neon signage services such as design, installation, and sign restoration.

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